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Are You Interested In Being A Mentor?
It's never easy dealing with epilepsy.  The EEA is desirous of
implementing a program where active caring members with epilepsy (or relatives helping members living with epilepsy) could be linked with newer members (or their relatives) having issues dealing with their epilepsy.
Sharing your own life experiences could be a great help to those who are still struggling with the condition.

If you have such an interest, we would love to talk to you. Please contact Gary or Sharon at the EEA Office @780-488-9600.

Free Download of our Epilepsy Information Booklets -

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Free Canada-wide distribution of our Epilepsy Information booklets to
Epilepsy Associations and Hospital Epilepsy Clinics has been made possible by an
unrestricted grant from UCB Canada Inc.

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  Epilepsy Training Material For Law Enforcement Personnel
Click on title to play:
Part 1
This Storyboard presentation begins with questions testing what an officer does or doesn't know about seizure disorders.

Part 2  "Time Is On Your Side" developed by the "Think Epilepsy" Canadian Task Force.

Part 3     A Field Guide for Law Enforcement published by Epilepsy Foundation of America

 Part 4       Police Training Video on Epilepsy and Seizures published by Epilepsy Action UK

Well Appreciated Praise for the Kids on the Block
EEA recently received an email from an Edmonton Public School about the
 effectiveness of our free Kids on the Block Puppet Presentations.
  We thought we would share their comments with you.

"Last year, we had a puppet show from your team at our school. I need to
pass along some extra feedback for you.  A kid in our Kindergarten class had
a seizure during class time.  All of the students knew what to do!  Kids pushed back the tables for this student, gave him space, told the teachers he was having a seizure
and we needed to call for help, etc.  The students then took themselves to the carpet and  sat quietly waiting for further instructions. They did all this seamlessly because

 they had learned from the puppet show.  Thanks for your support with this
and the kids truly learned and used what they knew!

For More Information About the Kids on the Block Program,
Please Click Here.

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         Life Enhancement Scholarships for Youth With Arts, Music, Dance and/or Ethnic Identity Cultural Programs
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 Garry Hannigan Memorial
Life Enhancement Scholarships for Youth With Sports or Recreational Activity Programs
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Link to Series of Videos About Epilepsy
This informative series of nationally-broadcast Public Service Announcements was created
for the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance by
Center for Epilepsy & Seizure Education in British Columbia

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