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Epilepsy Information Booklets

In 2001, the Edmonton Epilepsy Association received a grant from the Edmonton Community Lottery Board to develop a new series of epilepsy educational booklets. Following two years of research, writing, editing, graphic design work and printing, we were proud to introduce these exceptional booklets in December 2003. The booklet series was officially launched as part of March 2004 Epilepsy Awareness Month activities.

Since that time, the booklets have been periodically updated with each reprinting.  For the past two years, UCB Canada Inc. has provided the EEA with unrestricted Grants that made it possible to print thousands of each booklet for free distribution to Epilepsy Associations, Hospital Epilepsy Clinics, and Neurologists' Offices across Canada. 

Thanks to the efforts of our sister association, Épilepsie Montréal Métropolitain, all eleven of our booklets have now been translated into French. We have had them printed in Edmonton, from where we have distributed them to Hospital Clinics, Epilepsy Associations, and Neurologists' Offices in Francophone Canada.

If you are not near an Epilepsy Association or Clinic, you can download and print these booklets below. In many parts of the world there is little or no epilepsy information available. Our website is averaging over 5,000 hits a month just for the booklets, including numerous hits from around the world. To date, our booklets have been downloaded from 176 countries around the world!

** All booklets are in PDF format. Simply click on any title to open.
To download a free version of Adobe reader click on the icon below.

    ENGLISH:                                                   EN FRANCAIS:
 Epilepsy: A Guide for Parents                  Lpilepsie: un guide pour les parents

 Epilepsy: A Guide for Professionals          Lpilepsie: Un guide pour les professionnel(le)s
       and Caregivers                                          et les aidant(es)

 Epilepsy: A Guide for Teachers                Lpilepsie: un guide pour les enseignant(e)s

 Epilepsy: An Overview                             Lpilepsie: un survol

 Epilepsy: Seizures and First Aid                L'épilepsie: crises et premiers soins

 Let's Learn About Epilepsy:                       J'apprends ce quést l'épilepsie:
       An Activity Book for Children                    Un livre interactif pour enfants

 Living with Epilepsy                                 Vivre avec lpilepsie

 Safety and Epilepsy                                  La sécurité et l'épilepsie

 Seniors and Epilepsy                                 Les ainé(e)s et lpilepsie
 Teens and Epilepsy                                   Les adolescents et lpilepsie

 Women and Epilepsy                                 Les femmes et l'épilepsie

 New Seizure Terminology (Applies to     Terminologie de Convulsions Nouvelle  (S'applique a`
     all booklets In the series)             tous les livrets de la série)

    Overview cover English                                 Living With cover French     


 Aileler İçin Epilepsi Rehberi
 ("A Guide for Parents", in Turkish, translated, with our permission, by the Turkish Child Neurology Association)

    A Guide for Parents Turkish

 ("A Guide for Parents", in Russian, translated, with our permission,
      by Natalia Vapniarskaya, Belarus Parent Group and Dr. Dmitry A. Kot)

Guide for Parents Russian

  new UCB bilingual

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