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Our mission: To assure the well being of persons with epilepsy through increased public awareness and education and further, to address specific concerns, both personal and social, that these individuals experience.

Since 1960, the Edmonton Epilepsy Association has helped to improve the lives of persons living with epilepsy by providing information, referral and support services as well as awareness and education programs. Each year, over 3,500 children, youth and adults benefit from the services of the Edmonton Epilepsy Association.

The Edmonton Epilepsy Association was formed in 1960, having evolved from the Western Canada Epilepsy League (Edmonton Branch). In 1961, the Edmonton Epilepsy Association was accepted as a member of the United Community Fund (now the United Way). While the Association endeavors to provide information services to Central and Northern Alberta, over 80% of our services are within the greater Edmonton area.

The objective of the Edmonton Epilepsy Association is to promote, in any way possible, an improved quality of life for persons with epilepsy. In order to work towards this objective, the Association may establish, maintain, assist or promote:


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